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Essential Monitoring Technology for Construction Sites, Residential, and Commercial Properties

Protect your investment and improve your property insurance valuation with efficient Job Site Monitoring products for developers, general contractors, and property managers.

In recent years, insurance companies have been burned by claims for catastrophic weather events, water damage, theft, crime, and fire. Because of this, they are cracking down on Risk Mitigation requirements. Some regions now have building codes that require construction site monitoring. 

video camera overlooking a building under construction with icons for access control: lock, video camera, light, water, alarm

4 Requirements of Builders Risk Insurance Coverage

  1. Cameras with infrared or thermal imaging for motion detection have become a new requirement. Many builders have incorporated a camera system at their job site, but Insurance Providers now require additional monitoring and deterrents for the entire site. The cameras require poles, power, battery backup, and connection to the monitoring service. Some insurance may even go as far as to require a speaker so a live voice can “talk” to an intruder.
  2. Site lighting around the perimeter is a theft deterrent and provides better camera visibility. Typically, light poles are combined with the camera poles and a power source, but occasionally your site may require more or less of either. Some insurance may require a strobe or light feature to visually indicate to an intruder that the system has detected them.
  3. Leak detection sensors are needed to monitor water flow to prevent damage or catch it early enough to resolve it efficiently. It is also a good idea to have a Water Work policy to show procedures for managing the use of water and drainage from work areas.
  4. A secure and certified electronic monitoring system for the cameras and sensors is needed with real-time notifications for effective emergency response. The monitoring must detect and discriminate between the intrusion of people or vehicles along the site perimeter and have analytic capabilities to reduce false alerts. 

Job Site Monitoring Solution for Risk Mitigation During Construction

Elite Tech Solutions offers Construction Site Monitoring products to fulfill the requirements of Builders Risk and Liability Insurance. Proactive risk mitigation practices will protect the construction site from trespassers and theft, prevent water damage, and send immediate notifications in an emergency.

The essential site monitoring services include:

Cameras with lights are installed at key points around the property. The cameras use high-quality thermal imagery, have long-range surveillance, a 4G network connection, and are solar-powered with battery backup.

Video monitoring uses accurate Artificial Intelligence detection vs. simple Infrared heat sensing, drastically reducing false alarms. The AI component will verify whether it is a person, vehicle, animal, or just something blowing in the breeze. They also have license plate recognition.

Audio broadcasts and sirens can be automated and operator-controlled.

Lighting that is automated on a schedule, motion detection, and operator-controlled.

Site activity is recorded and archived in the cloud automatically with Encrypted video transmission to cloud-based storage.

System is connected to a live security monitoring service and emergency responders.

Push Notifications to a Cellular Phone and Email Notifications can be set up for multiple people, like the GC, property owner, or maintenance personnel.

Water Leak Detectors with radio frequency data transfers that do not require internet or a cellular connection.

Turn Your Construction Site Monitoring into a Permanent Property Risk Mitigation Solution

The specific requirements of Insurance providers vary from carrier to carrier, but the risks they look at are the same. Many of the risks assessed during the construction of a property are the same risks considered after construction is completed. 

Consider how proactive mitigation practices can be used in your property insurance renewal negotiations and how much your residents will appreciate additional safety measures where they live.

Elite Tech Solutions can help developers and property owners plan for Risk Mitigation during construction and once the property is occupied. 

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